Amaury handles all eFounders Operations in Paris. He loves shaping new businesses, pushing ideas, cracking business models and building teams. He is a former top-tier consultant with a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a can-do attitude.


Axel aims to crack what makes people love and use a product. After three years as a digital consultant and an experience in a mobile advertising startup, Axel spends his time building novel and creative solutions to complex problems. He masters navigation, both on the web and at sea.


Design Partner & mister v1.


Fanny loves making teams come true! She handles talent acquisition at eFounders. She was involved in a creative ecosystem in Madrid for more than one year collaborating in the creation of different projects and worked in a recruitment digital agency specialized in startups in Paris for almost two years. Fanny is a startup human capital matchmaker. She loves entrepreneurial people and innovative environments.


In addition of being a proud mother of two amazing girls, Ines has an extensive experience of financial and administrative processes in the SaaS industry. By putting her skills at the service of the team, Ines allows our entrepreneurs to be totally focused on their product and growth.


Jonathan writes content that makes users love our products. In his previous gig, he worked on growing and monetizing an international audience accross a portfolio of media sites. He likes crafting catchy headlines, actionable copy, and seemless user journeys. Also: spell-checking tweets!


Lauren is our Office Manager, or as we like to call her: Fairy Office Mother. Her experience in the startup industry and tech-savvy personality make our office a connected, efficient one, where employee happiness is a #1 priority.


Aspiring creative mind and digital lover, Meghan challenges herself everyday as an interactive designer. UX/UI design is the core of her expertise, however she keeps a multi-disciplinary approach and likes driving creative process with strategy.


As a former top-tier consultant and entrepreneur who brought a bankrupt company back on the road to success, Quentin knows how to lead teams and shape young startups into real companies.


Simon is a software engineer specialized in modern full-stack JavaScript development. He brings his technical expertise and magic to all of our webapps MVPs.


As an experienced entrepreneur who has built successful companies, such as Fotolia, Thibaud knows what makes a good idea and how to kickstart it. He's 100% involved in each of the startups and helps them skyrocket.

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Noe CTO & Co-founder

Former FoodTech entrepreneur, Noe thinks of code as art. He decided to use his creative talent to build new and innovative products.

Ronan CEO & Co-founder

Ronan is a proud father of two and an avid traveller. He spent 10 years in London working in technology & finance and came to Near to build the next unicorn.

Pierre Developer

Pierre is a software engineer hungry for new challenges, and Near is his new one. His main interest: adapting products to user's behavior. 🎅🏻

Bastien Developer

Bastien loves the startup vibe. He joined Near as Software Engineer, can't work without music, and strives to "always learn something new".


Power-up your team with peer recognition.

Laurent CTO & Co-founder

Laurent is a serial entrepreneur/tech guy. He joined to build the next generation of SaaS products (and put his pun-skills to the test).

Quentin Associate

Quentin is a music-geek turned startup whizz. After an entrepreneurial journey, he joined Briq to spread employee happiness far and wide.

Thomas Developer

Thomas is a software engineer. He's worked on multiple startups and joined Briq to make happiness as easy as a line of code.


Note app for teams.

Christophe CEO & Co-founder

Chris is a full-stack developer and engineer. After 2 entrepreneurial experiences, he cofounded Slite and is building the next big thing!

Pierre Developer

Pierre worked for 5 years as Lead Developer in a startup and racked up several side-projects, he came to Slite to build the next unicorn.

Arnaud Developer

Arnaud is a software engineer. After living the startup life in the UK and Germany, he came back to France to bring ambitious ideas to life.

Brieuc Associate

Brieuc spent 1 year in Lazada, a Rocket Internet’s South-East Asian e-commerce venture. He loves restoring motorcycles and kickstarting startups!

Laure Associate

After studying and working all over North America and Europe, Laure embarked on the Slite train. She loves podcast and all things history!


One app for all your SaaS.

Alexandre CTO & Co-founder

Alex did 4 years of software engineering and product management in SF. He's doing what he loves most: building big things from scratch.

Julien COO & Co-founder

Julien launched his 1st business in Thailand, scouted emerging markets for hot new startups, and now brings his operational acumen to Station.

Joel Developer

Joel is a full-stack software engineer specialized in JavaScript. He's building a new way for people to work, one integration at a time.

Mathieu Developer

Mathieu is a junior software engineer. If he isn't at his desk, he’s probably at Gobelins School designing new ways to interact with tech.

Georges Head of Growth

After 2 years as a business consultant, Georges founded a media to promote theater. His new goal? Get Station liftoff, growth-hacker style!

Hugo Developer

After 2 years in an agency, Hugo joined the Station team as a programmer to build the most advanced, easy to use app serving SaaS for all.