We are
passionate builders.

Meet the awesome crew building our products. We are a family sharing the same values: love, passion and fun.

As an experienced entrepreneur who has built successful companies, such as Fotolia, Thibaud knows what makes a good idea and how to kickstart it. He's 100% involved in each of the startups and helps them skyrocket.


As a former top-tier consultant and entrepreneur who brought a bankrupt company back on the road to success, Quentin knows how to lead teams and shape young startups into real companies.


Didier is our creative mind. He helps all our startup build their product and increase their design culture. He is also named Mister v1.


Amaury handles all eFounders Operations in Paris. He loves shaping new businesses, pushing ideas, cracking business models and building teams. He is a former top-tier consultant with a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a can-do attitude.

Axel aims to crack what makes people love and use a product. After three years as a digital consultant and an experience in a mobile advertising startup, Axel spends his time building novel and creative solutions to complex problems. He masters navigation, both on the web and at sea.


Lauren is our new Office Manager, or as we like to call her: Fairy Office Mother. Her experience in the startup industry and tech-savvy personality make our office a connected, efficient one, where employee happiness is a #1 priority.


Simon is the very first member of eFounders' Hacker Program and a top developer. He brings his amazing coding expertise and structured entrepreneurial mindset to all of our Meteor projects, including eFounders' secret sauce: The Network.


Yasmine loves making numbers talk. Before joining eFounders, she built agressive online acquisition strategies for SaaS leaders in order to conquer all markets. Now she invests all her energy in helping our startups grow and become flourishing companies.


Christophe is a full-stack developer and engineer. After 2 entrepreneurial experiences, he joined eFounders to learn from the best and build the next big thing!


Fanny loves making teams come true! She handles talent acquisition at eFounders. She was involved in a creative ecosystem in Madrid for more than one year collaborating in the creation of different projects and worked in a recruitment digital agency specialized in startups in Paris for almost two years. Fanny is a startup human capital matchmaker. She loves entrepreneurial people and innovative environments.


In addition of being a proud mother of two amazing girls, Ines has an extensive experience of financial and administrative processes in the SaaS industry. By putting her skills at the service of the team, Ines allows our entrepreneurs to be totally focused on their product and growth.

Alexandre recently came back from SF to join eFounders after 4 years of software engineering and product management. This passionate kitesurfer and Telecom graduate just gave up on his man bun to do what he loves most: build big things from the ground up in Paris.


Former entrepreneur in the Parisian FoodTech sector, Noe compares development to art and decided to put his creative talent at the service of founding amazing products with eFounders. When he’s not geeking while watching girly series (he confessed!), Noe loves hiking and eating ceviche.


Laurent is a serial entrepreneur and experienced tech guy with a passion for product and an obsession for simplicity. This unstoppable pun-maker and fervent thriller-reader joined eFounders to test his offbeat jokes while building the next generation of SaaS products.


Pierre is a Software Engineer whose passions range from web applications and bikes (pretty classic) to sausages (not joking, he's an expert!). After working in a startup for five years as a Lead Developer and on several side-projects, he joined eFounders to build the next unicorn.


After living the startup life in England and Germany, Arnaud came back to France with his web development skills to turn slick product ideas into reality at eFounders. If he's not in front of his laptop, you'll find him at the nearest squash court!


Jonathan writes content that makes users love our products. In his previous gig, he worked on growing and monetizing an international audience accross a portfolio of media sites. He likes crafting catchy headlines, actionable copy, and seemless user journeys. Also: spell-checking tweets.!


After one year between Singapore & Kuala Lumpur in Rocket Internet's ecommerce venture, Brieuc joined eFounders to discover how to skyrocket a startup! He spends a lot of nights restoring old motorbikes and is now learning to play saxophone, cover your ears!


Julien launched his first business in Thailand and traveled the world for 2 years looking for tech startups in emerging markets. An avid paragliding pilot, he found his next (and biggest) challenge with eFounders. He brings in sales & marketing skills paired up with a clear sense of sarcasm.


Aspiring creative mind and digital lover, Meghan challenges herself everyday as an interactive designer. UX/UI design is the core of her expertise, however she keeps a multi-disciplinary approach and likes driving creative process with strategy


Capucine joined eFounders as an associate and helps build the next French unicorn. She is a data science engineer and business school graduate, always looking for ways to challenge herself and push past her own limits. Some of her latest personal monthly challenges included setting up a fermentation workshop at home and not spending a single euro for a month.


We love what we do. We come to work in the morning, build startups, go back to our homes, sleep, and do it all over again the next day. This is the most diverse, ever-changing, surprising and extraordinary daily-life you can get.

We are truly passionate about our businesses and honor every occasion to celebrate happy news: fundraising, press blast, birthdays, even major debugs!

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