eFounders is a startup studio

Together with entrepreneurs, we turn unique ideas into successful companies. We act as the perfect co-founder to build strong and independent startups.

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Our co-founders.

We find great entrepreneurial talents, usually a CEO and a CTO, to build a company together. Shares are equally divided among the three co-founders.

Our companies.

Our goal is to build independent companies, with their own culture, DNA and team. We build products that people want, and startups that are visible above the mass.

Our added value.

We provide our startups with unfair advantages to grow faster and limit failures: experience, resources, experts, doers, processes, a network and wisdom.

Once our startups show traction and are ready for their next step, we invite carefully selected investors to meet with them during our invite-only ShowTime events.

The Network.

All eFounders members, current and former, are members of the Network: a set of tools, processes and private events to maintain strong ties and share knowledge among our community.