We are
a startup studio.

Together with entrepreneurs, eFounders turns unique ideas into successful independent companies.

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We build businesses from the ground up.

We invent — we generate and test unique business ideas for SaaS products. After carefully validating the concept, we partner up with brilliant entrepreneurs to build a product used by millions.

We build — together with the co-founders, our multi-disciplinary team works hands-on to build strong products - which we get pilot users to test as early as possible to confirm the Product/Market Fit.

We scale — as soon as we have traction, we publicly release the product and work hard on growth and user acquisition, while transferring valuable knowledge to the co-founding team.

The company grows — after 18 months, the company leaves the nest and becomes fully financially and operationally independent. The founders gradually build their own team and culture in their own office.

We found independent companies.

Mailjet — an all-in-one email delivery engine.

TextMaster — your professional, online translation service.

Mention — media monitoring made simple.

Front — the easiest way to work with team inboxes.

Aircall — the best phone system for your teams.

We work with great talents.

Entrepreneurs — our co-founders are true entrepreneurs who dedicate their energy to building great companies. You need to share our ambition to create a billion-dollar company and see yourself running it.

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Hackers program — we hire talented engineers, give them the resources and support they need, then turn them loose to do great work with our startups.

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Associates program — we welcome recent graduates for a 6-month excellence program with the aim of joining one of our startups. Get your hands dirty and learn from the best entrepreneurs.

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We nurture an engaged community.

Inside eFounders — we regularly publish insiders content for entrepreneurs, sneak peeks into our startup studio life, interviews from top VC investors and more.

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SaaS Club — discover new products under our radar and make sure you never miss a great article about Saas thanks to this newsletter curated by eFounders.

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Build Together — What is a startup studio? Who exactly are they? Access the  list of all the startup studios around the world and read top articles about the subject.

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TheNetwork — TheNetwork gathers everyone into one big community to exchange on Slack including eFounders and our companies, talented entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and anyone who’s just curious.

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